• firm specializing in immigration to canada: tél. 514 884 6349
  • firm specializing in immigration to canada: tél. 514 884 6349
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    Orientation Canada Multi-Visas

    ORIENTATION CANADA MULTI-VISAS is a Canadian immigration consulting firm and representation before Canadian administrative courts. It was founded by Mr. Ekpo N'drin Louis Stéphane graduated in Canadian immigration law from CSIC E-academy in Burnaby and a master's degree in public administration with a concentration in human resources management obtained at Ecole nationale d’administration publique of Montreal. Mr. Ekpo N’drin Louis Stéphane is a member of immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council as RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Counselor) and of the Order of Human Resources Advisor as HRCA (Human Resources Certified Advisor). ORIENTATION CANADA MULTI-VISAS acts under the number #R533343 and offers services for temporary and permanent residence in Canada.


    Choosing ORIENTATION CANADA MULTI-VISAS means choosing:

    • Easy access to services
    • An express file study
    • An online account for each customer (customer area);
    • Real-time monitoring of the progress of your file from your online account
    • Assistance of an immigration counselor accredited by the Canadian Ministry of Immigration under the number (CRCIC # R533343);
    • Assistance of an immigration advisor accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration under number (RQCI # 11816)
    • Assistance from a human resources advisor accredited by the Quebec Order of Approved Human Resources Advisors under the number (CRHA # 137669)
    • Quality service with offers adapted to your needs.


    Lead people wishing to settle in Canada in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

    The steps to follow for a visa application

    step 1

    Fill in the evaluation form

    The evaluation form is the initial step. It makes it possible to determine eligibility for a given immigration program, after a file review.

    step 2

    Quick submission and follow-up of your application

    It takes place after eligibility is declared. It consists of gathering the required documents in order to submit the application. Once the request is submitted, continuous monitoring is done to ensure the progress of the processing of the application until the decision.

    step 3


    This step marks the end of the process. In the event of approval, it leads to receipt of the visa